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Urantia Book Groups and Information
Our offerings are inspired by The Life and Teachings of Jesus found in The Urantia Book. The resources listed below offer everything from online text searches of The Uranita Book to local study groups. To learn more about The Urantia Book, order materials, or find a local group, visit the sites below or go to your local bookstore.
The Urantia Book Fellowship
You can contact the Fellowship or visit their website at This Fellowship is the original and largest organization of Urantia Book readers. It offers study groups, seminars, conferences, and other activities around the world.

Urantia Association International (UAI)
You can contact UAI or visit their website at UAI focuses on supporting study groups and also offers seminars, conferences, and other activities around the world. The UAI is a newer and growing organization.
The Urantia Foundation
Visit the website at The Urantia Foundation is the original publisher of The Urantia Book and offers versions in many languages.
The Jesusonian Foundation
Explore the website at The Jesusonian Foundation provides a website of diverse Urantia Book resources including inspirational and educational items.

Visit the website at Theoquest is an online resource based on The Urantia Book for the purpose of helping people with their spiritual quests. The site offers inspirational material, in-depth spiritual topics, e-cards, and more.