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Online Classes
Our goal is to provide offerings that meet your needs. So, we welcome your suggestions. We've just begun to offer classes, so look for more in the future or sign up to get alerts. If you're interested in hosting a workshop for your group or have a request, please contact us. Together we can find inspiration and transformation, and deepen our relationship with our divine Father.

How to Take Back Your Life
— A New Approach with God and Spirit

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If you feel your life has gotten out of control, if you feel overwhelmed, if you don't have the satisfaction and joy you want, attend this workshop. Maybe you're working too many hours or just trying to do too much. There is a very simple solution that will give you positive changes in days.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you make dramatic positive life changes. We hope to help deepen your spiritual experience, whatever your beliefs, practice, or religion.

We'll discuss how to: 

  • Find true happiness and satisfaction.
  • Make real accomplishments.
  • Live the ideal life. 

You will get:

  • A powerful, reliable growth technique
  • A new approach to spirituality
  • A new approach to God and Spirit